RECIPE #1 | Kiwi Potato Scones

Please note there is no butter in this recipe. Makes 12 scones.

3 cups flour

3 heaped teaspoons B P

1 cup mashed potato (keep it drier, not too much milk & butter!)

1 cup grated mature cheddar cheese

1 cup milk

½ cup caramelised chopped onion

1 cup crumbled feta cheese

Combine first four ingredients with hands. Add enough milk to bind; again do this by hand – you may not need the whole cup.

Press out the mix into a rectangle and cut lengthways.

Put onion on one side and top with feta. Place other layer on top and cut into 12 pieces with a sharp knife.

Cook on a lined oven tray at 190°C fan bake for 12 minutes. Sprinkle top with cheese (mature, Edam or left-over blue mixed with mature) and cook for another 12 minutes. Serve.

To make caramelised onion –

Finely chop 4 onions and place in a pot with half a cup of brown sugar, one teaspoon black mustard seeds, half a cup of balsamic vinegar and cook gently for 60 minutes. It will reduce and change colour in this process so keep an eye on it! Cooking times will vary according to the intensity of the heat but very slow heat is best for a sweeter result.

Keep it covered in the fridge and use within five to seven days.

This caramelised onion can also be used in toasted sandwiches, to top a nice steak with a little blue cheese, on top of a little sour cream in a jacket potato and also great on pizza.

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